Serving the following life science and healthcare related industries:

  • Biotechnology, Biological Research, Gene Therapy
  • Clinical Diagnostics, Clinical Labs and Diagnostic Instrumentation
  • Cosmetics
  • Dietary Supplements, Alternative Medicine, Natural/Herbal Therapies and Botanicals
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD)
  • Laboratories (Biological Research, Clinical, etc.)
  • Medical Device Manufacturing: Class I, II, III Medical Disposables and Surgical Instruments. Specialties include urology, cardiology, ophthalmology and neurology.
  • Pharmaceuticals and generic drugs
  • US Government (FDA, USDA) and State Regulations (California, etc)
  • International: EU (ISO Standards and CE Marking) and Asia (China, India and Japan)


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